No Shape To Mountain Shape

No Shape To Mountain Shape Training Program

Program Purpose
You are purchasing a comprehensive training program (pdf download format). This 14 week program was specifically designed to get adventure seeking bowhunters ready for the demand of the mountains.

Upon completion of this program you will be able to do the following...

  • Walk for 2 hours in a weighted pack
  • Lift and carry more weight
  • Quickly slow your heart rate, focus and make an effective kill shot 10 out of 10 times.
  • Move your bodyweight more efficiently
  • Efficiently get off the ground while weighted down
  • Recover more quickly from the demands of work
***This program should be started 15 weeks out from a planned hunting trip to allow for one full week of rest and recovery prior to the start of the trip.

Hunting is a unique physical challenge in that it demands that you have a variety of movements and areas of fitness that you are proficient in.  Hunters spend most of their time on their feet with weight on their back therefore they must have a strong endurance base.  However, with out power, balance and strength hunters may never get their pack on their backs, may never get across that creek and may not be able to get out of a tight spot if they find themselves needing to react quickly to a situation. Lastly, hunters must be able to shoot accurately under stressful situations.  

Equipment Needed

  • Journal
  • Hunting Pack (link to how to fit a pack)
  • Hunting Boots
  • Walking Sticks (optional)
  • 12”-16” box
  • R16 Truck Tire/24” chain/10’ length of rope (link to how to build a tire drag)
  • 100’ rope
  • Access to an Olympic bar, Squat Rack, and Weights (link to Beaverfit)
  • Bow/ Target
  • Map My Run App (free) or a GPS -a way to track your distance covered



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