Let's Fight this TOGETHER!!

The United States observes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Every single day, approximately 37 families across the country hear those dreaded words...that their child has cancer. That is over 13,500 children diagnosed with this awful disease every year. And unfortunately, we were one of those families.

Rhyan Loos was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma in October, 2015. Through this process, we have learned just how grossly under funded childhood cancer is. The taxpayer-funded National Cancer Institute (NCI) only dedicates 4% of it’s annual budget to childhood cancer. Yes, you read that right! Childhood cancer only receives 4% of US Federal funding for research.

Our family has vowed to fight cancer head on. Not only for Rhyan, but for all the innocent children that are fighting for their lives. #RallyforRhyan was created by friends shortly after she was diagnosed. In the past 10 months, we have managed to raise and donate over $100,000 to pediatric cancer research and we have no intentions of slowing down. By making a donation to #RallyforRhyan, you will be helping bring awareness to childhood cancer and ALL money raised will be donated to pediatric cancer research.


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